BoardroomThe Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin, believes that the best “defense” for your business actually starts in the Boardroom, not in the Courtroom.  Think about it. Your company may find itself involved in a myriad of transactions. When things are going well, parties generally do not find themselves running to the underlying agreements between them.  It’s only when issues surface, when things start to go bad or completely sour, that the “paper” suddenly becomes important.   Good contracts are like good insurance policies.  You hope you never have to “pull it out of the drawer,” but if you do, you need to know that your contract protects your company’s interests, will be legally enforceable, and will provide adequate remedies to you in the event you are forced to enforce those agreements in a court of law or other tribunal.

"I'VE READ THAT PARAGRAPH TEN TIMES, AND I STILL DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT IT MEANS!!!"   Do you ever recall reading through a contract and having to read it multiple times, only to find out that you still haven’t a clue as to what it means?  Many law firms are under the mistaken belief that good lawyering necessarily involves mastering the art of “legalese” – a mystical language that only lawyers and judges understand. In our opinion, these law firms provide a disservice to the very clients they are paid to serve.  After all, what good is a contract if the parties that have to operate under it and possibly seek to enforce it, don’t even understand what it says? The Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin, believes that there is strength in simplicity and will always strive to provide you with agreements written in plain English, no matter how sophisticated or complex your underlying transactions may be.

Let the Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin, handle all of your business needs. Whether you are looking to incorporate, form an Limited Liability Company, prepare a shareholder’s  agreement, employment agreement, executive compensation agreement, NDA (nondisclosure agreement), sale proposal, or commercial lease, The Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin, can be your “one-stop-shop” to underscore your transaction with contracts that are well-defined easy to understand, reflective of your goals and your  vision for success.