Let's face it. When you hold a board position in a community association, there are a myriad of issues that might require your attention: preparation of new leases, foreclosures, purchases, sales, disputes with homeowners that need to be resolved, collections, review of your Declaration or governing rules and regulations, just to name a view.


In order for your board to maintain effective leadership, you need effective counsel to help you tackle and resolve those issues in a methodical, timely and professional manner.

That's where the Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin fits in. Michael Zapin has over 22 years of experience dealing with all of the issues that your community association is bound to experience at one time or another, and has the knowledge to assist you in framing and providing real solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Fees for services can be tailored to your Association's needs and requirements, opting for discounted hourly work or flat-fee arrangements per work item.