protecting your legal interests

Your business's best defense starts in the boardroom – not the courtroom.

At the risk of painfully stating the obvious: the best defense to litigation is to avoid it in the first place. Of course that’s not always possible.

If your business finds itself in a situation where it is being pulled into a litigation, or if your business needs to prosecute its own claims against a third party, The Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin, brings a combined total of over 20 years of practical litigation experience in both New York and Florida, ranging from garden variety collection matters through complex real estate and fraud matters, at both trial and appellate levels.

What’s interesting is that many of the cases that come through our doors are cases that may have been prevented, if there were effective written agreements or communications governing the relationship between the disputing parties. Agreements are only as good as the words written into them. Commercial claims often succeed or fail based on the soundness and completeness of those written provisions. Written agreements can also provide for certain remedies that might not otherwise be available to an aggrieved party under the law, absent an appropriate written provision.
Why wait for the storm? Even if you haven’t run into a commercial dispute in your business, the odds are overwhelming that at some point you will. Now is the best time for you to review or prepare operative written agreements that will govern your business to insure that your interests are adequately protected and remedies readily available to you in case something does go wrong.
The Law Offices of Michael E. Zapin, We've got your back, to help you move your business forward.